Stay Safe in Croatia

"SC-SERVICE - is a company with many years of experience that provides real estate management and maintenance services in Istria, gravitating around the city of Porec"

With our knowledge of German, we are very suitable for clients from these speaking areas, but also for other clients from English, Italian and other speaking areas.

Property Management

Each property requires constant surveillance and occasional activity both throughout the year and during the rental season. For all property owners who do not live near their property's location, we provide property management services so that regular (usually monthly) obligations are met regularly and properly, and you and your property guests are welcomed like new in the tourist season.

  • Keeping keys
  • Emptying the post box and forwarding the post
  • Payment of the bills
  • regular monitoring and inspection of the property
  • Complete property management by renting (welcoming guests and contact during their stay as hosts, registering guests, communicating with customers and making reservations.)
  • Organization of various excursions, car rental, boat, catering, private dinners with a personal chef etc.
  • Property cleaning

    Cleanliness and order, both inside and outside, are one of the most important factors for satisfaction, regardless of whether you or your guests live in or rent your property.

    We are committed to taking care of all aspects of the property to make it perfect at all times.

  • General (seasonal cleaning of the entire property)
  • regular cleaning (if necessary)
  • Preparation for guests (beds, procurements, etc.)
  • Pool maintenance
  • Garden maintenance (pruning, mowing, etc.)
  • Organization of the laundry service
  • Additional services

    For property owners or clients who want a new property, we offer additional services that will add extra comfort to you and your guests, and your property will always be ready for any challenges ahead.Regardless, it was about administrative / legal matters and legal compliance or about providing extra comfort for you and your guests so that their stay is always a flawless experience.

  • Help with starting a business company for you
  • Support in the search for real estate or land
  • Consulting and project management (by construction and equipment)
  • Assistance in obtaining various offers and in the search for reliable and verified contractors
  • support in obtaining categorization, organization of photographers and contact with various rental agencies
  • other services on request
  • Maintenance and repairs

    Regardless of whether it is a new or an older property, each one needs regular maintenance. Regardless of the season or season, there is always a need for correction work, various repairs or a complete adaptation of the property.We organize interventions that include all repairs and adjustments, such as:

    Construction work, stone laying and masonry work (inside and outside), electrical and plumbing installations, laying of indoor and outdoor floor coverings, roof repairs, interior and exterior painting and other repairs.